Since 1977, JMS Flower Farms, Inc. has been providing farmers both nationally and internationally with safe and effective crop protection with their exclusive product, JMS Stylet-Oil. JMS Stylet-Oil is a technical grade white mineral oil labeled as an insecticide, fungicide and plant disease controller that has been formulated using the highest FDA labeled food grade quality mineral oil. The oil is renowned for both its success rate as well as its environmentally safe formulation. Growers in countries throughout the world safely apply this product and successfully control a number of divergent pests. JMS Stylet-Oil is used to control certain fungal diseases, insects, plant feeding mites and aphid-borne plant viruses. JMS Stylet-Oil is sprayed extensively on grapes, tree fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and citrus. JMS Flower Farms is proud to offer JMS Stylet-Oil and the sister products — Organic JMS Stylet-Oil and JMS Stylet-Oil for Grass Seed Use — the premiere white oils giving growers a clear choice in their pest control programs.

JMS Stylet-Oil was brought to the market during the mid-1970’s by Dr. John Simons after conducting years of research in a virus screening program while working for Ciba-Geigy Corporation. The discovery that mineral oil could safely and effectively interfere with the transmission of poty viruses by winged aphids was a breakthrough for virus-plagued vegetable growers in south Florida. Dr. Simons (“Jack to his many friends”) founded JMS Flower Farms in 1977 and served as President until 2002. Dr. Simons’ philosophy of providing safe and efficacious high-quality mineral oil products to meet today’s agricultural needs is still our number one priority.

Today, we continue to apply that philosophy, providing exemplary customer service and care, the highest quality products and concern for the environment. Jeff Simons serves as President of JMS Flower Farms at the Vero Beach, Florida headquarters and Mike Simons serves as Sr. Technical Representative. Together, they have over 31 years of combined experience in the industry, and continue to improve their products through constant research and field trials.

Our goal has always been to provide the best product, at a fair price, combined with the best service to meet the needs and challenges of today’s growers. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we may best serve your needs.