Home & Garden Application Guide

Application for Plant Disease Control

Stylet-Oil is used to control certain fungal diseases (such as powdery mildew, Botrytis bunch rot and rust). Stylet-Oil is an excellent eradicant and will kill powdery mildew on contact as well as prevent development for 10 to 14 days depending on the use rate. Stylet-Oil is successfully used in grape powdery mildew control programs throughout the world, including some of the premiere wine grape growing regions in California, Oregon, Washington and New York.

Application for Insect and Mite Control

Stylet-Oil delivers a one-two punch to harmful insects and plant feeding mites through suffocation and modifying their feeding and egg-laying behaviors. Plant feeding insects and mites probe into plant tissue using microscopic hollow hairs called sensillae to detect secondary chemicals in the host plant that trigger critical insect behaviors such as feeding and egg-laying. Stylet-Oil works by plugging the hollow sensillae with oil, making it impossible for the insect to recognize it is on a host plant. Without recognition, harmful insects and mites will not feed or lay eggs. Beneficial insects such as ladybugs, predatory mites and praying mantis’s don’t probe into plant tissue. Instead they use different sensing mechanisms — their eyes, feet and mouthparts — to recognize and catch prey. When using Stylet-Oil, you can breathe easy knowing the population of beneficial insects is safe.

Application for Plant Virus Control

Aphid-borne plant viruses can be transmitted in less than 20 seconds after initial contact with the plant, but Stylet-Oil is designed to interfere with the transmission process giving you peace of mind that your crops are protected. For this reason, Stylet-Oil is the perfect choice for farmers like you to keep certain plant viruses to a minimum. Stylet-Oil works at the physical level (as opposed to the biochemical level), so, include Stylet-Oil in your virus management program for positive results.

Importance of Spray Coverage


Stylet-Oil’s performance is directly related to the quality of spray coverage. Stylet-Oil can be sprayed using a standard pump sprayer, available at any local home and garden center. It is important to spray the plants to the point of runoff. There is no need to oversoak the plant. Should you have any additional questions on spray coverage and application please feel free to contact us.

Application On Grapes - Video

Application For Use On Mites - Video

Application For Use On Powdery Mildew - Video

Application For Use In Organic Operations